Sunday, March 15, 2009

Not much to say

I don't really feel like I have too much to say, which is why my postings are so far and few between. Let's see, I am on my Spring Break right now. I am so very happy about this because my class is driving me crazy. I am not just saying this, the whole school knows that my class is one of the most challenging classes. Special teachers-art and P.E. mainly-will call in sick on my special day (they tell me that there are two other classes equally as "special" as mine that have specials on the same day as me). More than one person has referred to my class as the "Jerry Lewis" class.

We will be on the playground and a cry will rise up; we always know it will be one of mine. The cries range from howls, to screams, to wails and even a few whimpers; I have them all. I can honestly say that I don't recall any other second grader crying on the playground. That includes the two who bumped into each other playing basketball and both required stitches. Neither of them cried. God is preparing me, I'm going to have a cryer.

One day, about two months ago, I got a new student. He came in with his mom and she happened to have a birthmark on her forehead. My Mildly Mentally Retarded student pointed it out to her (in case she didn't know I suppose), laughing and trying to cover it by putting her hand over her mouth. When the mother explained that it was a birthmark, the student immediately wanted to know all about that and how that happens on HER forehead and not anyone else's. After I direct her back to her seat, I return to the parent to find that one of my "gifted" students has analyzed the birthmark and is telling the mother that it looks as though it is a hot-air balloon drifting off of her head.

I was so embarrassed and thought this poor lady probably thinks she is leaving her child in the special ed class. That feeling passed quickly. It was only hours later that my new student began howling. I don't mean crying loudly, but howling like a coyote; at least that is what I though was happening because we were in the middle of a lesson and there is nothing that could have caused him to cry at that particular moment. I though. Well, apparently someone looked at him for too long. Yes, that is what I got out of him after the howling (no tears) stopped. The teachers on either side of me came running in certain something was terribly wrong. I explained that I got a new student and they commented that he sounded like a perfect fit and went back to their rooms. Sometimes I hate them...I mean I love them, but I hate them...

Anyhow...these are just a couple of reasons that I am glad to be on Spring Break. I also have the child who likes to choke other students for no particular reason, one that is sneaky and conniving and constantly out of her seat, the one who can't sit for his life (he actually asked that I take his chair away), three speech kiddos that I can hardly understand, and an autistic child.

On a brighter note...I am in my ninth week of pregnancy and all is going well. I am very tired (all of the time) and not really sick (knock on wood). I have determined that I can't eat ANYTHING after 5 at night or else I get a really full/bloated/painful stomach ache. One night I ate three crackers after four hours of not eating anything (hoping to help the nausea) and felt like I had just walked away from an all you can eat steak house. That feeling only happens at night though, so I have fixed that by not eating at night. I still get a little nauseous later at night, around 9:30. Fortunately, this is my bed time, and I quickly fall asleep so it doesn't bother me too much.

We have our next appointment on the 25th and we should be able to hear the heartbeat(s) (still hoping for twins) then. I have added a picture of my nine week belly for those of you that have been asking. It may not look big, but it is bigger than before. No weight gain though, weird.


  1. Twins really? Is that in your family? I always wanted twins.

  2. Love your postings Tommie! Maybe God will bless you with a sweet peaceful baby, or babies, after all that you are doing for those precious second graders ;)
    Thanks for putting up a picture, I can already see the little bump starting and I'm so excited for you!
    I wish you were coming to visit but I understand. We will have to come and visit you when the baby is born.

  3. Beautiful bump! And the classroom antics - hilarious. Poor you. I have always said it takes a special person to be a teacher of youngsters...

    Fingers crossed you don't get a "cryer." Or a howler, for that matter.